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Poster: Lum Edwards Date: Aug 6, 2009 5:55pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: Candidates for Recontribution to Old Time Radio collection (long)

Hiya Miss Diana, This is after a very brief look and from memory only these are here now. There are likely many more here but I will have to look closer.

suspenseOTRKIBM000 Suspense : The Beginning ‑ April ...Suspense : The Beginning - April 1945
suspenseOTRKIBM001 Suspense : May 1945 ‑ December 1947
suspenseOTRKIBM002 Suspense : January 1948 ‑ October...Suspense : January 1948 - October 1950
suspenseOTRKIBM003 Suspense : October 1950 ‑ Decembe...Suspense : October 1950 - December 1953
suspenseOTRKIBM004 Suspense : January 1954 ‑ October...Suspense : January 1954 - October 1955
suspenseOTRKIBM005 Suspense : November 1955 ‑ May 1959
suspenseOTRKIBM006 Suspense : Fills 1950‑1959
suspenseOTRKIBM007 Suspense : June 1959 ‑ End

aldrichfamilyOTRKIBM The Aldrich Family
Amos_n_Andy_Collection Amos 'n' Andy
AmosNAndyEarlyEpisodes Amos n' Andy : The Early Shows
goldbergsOTRKIBM The Goldbergs
SmithsOfHollywood2 The Smiths of Hollywood
thecinnamonbear The Cinnamon Bear : November 29th...The Cinnamon Bear : November 29th - December 24th, 1937
myfriendirmaOTRKIBM My Friend Irma

These I have no concrete info on But I would hold these as questionable just because of the broadcast dates. ( along with the cbs radio mystery theaters that still reside here)
I have heard these are not PD but like I said I dont know for sure

ZeroHour‑RS‑OTRKIBM‑01HeirHunters The Zero Hour : 01 Heir Hunters
ZeroHour‑RS‑OTRKIBM‑02DieInTheCountry The Zero Hour : 02 Die in the Cou...The Zero Hour : 02 Die in the Country
ZeroHour‑RS‑OTRKIBM‑03SomeonesDeath The Zero Hour : 03 Someones Death
ZeroHour‑RS‑OTRKIBM‑04FaceOfTheFoe The Zero Hour : 04 The Face of th...The Zero Hour : 04 The Face of the Foe
ZeroHour‑RS‑OTRKIBM‑05TheBlessingWay The Zero Hour : 05 The Blessing Way
ZeroHour‑RS‑OTRKIBM‑06PrincessStakesMurder The Zero Hour : 06 Princess Stake...The Zero Hour : 06 Princess Stakes Murder
ZeroHour‑RS‑OTRKIBM‑07QueenInDanger The Zero Hour : 07 Queen In Danger
ZeroHour‑RS‑OTRKIBM‑08WifeOfRedHairedMan The Zero Hour : 08 Wife of the Re...The Zero Hour : 08 Wife of the Red Haired Man
ZeroHour‑RS‑OTRKIBM‑09DesperateWitness The Zero Hour : 09 Desperate Witness
ZeroHour‑RS‑OTRKIBM‑12ButIWouldntWantToDie The Zero Hour : 12 But I Wouldn't...The Zero Hour : 12 But I Wouldn't Want To Die
ZeroHour‑RS‑OTRKIBM‑IndividualEpisodes The Zero Hour : Individual Episodes

MutualRadioTheater The Sears Radio Theater ‑ The Mut...The Sears Radio Theater - The Mutual Radio Theater

As for the rest of that list I hold maybe half of those remaining. I was just alittle ahead of you in unpacking my OTR to restock these depleted shelves. Thanks for the list as now I will have an easier time knowing whats needed.

Mike D.

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Aug 7, 2009 6:15am
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: Cinnamon Bear

The name "Cinnamon Bear" just rang a bell from this older thread:

I don't know if the mentioned DMCA req was copy-dependent or what, but FYI...

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Poster: Lum Edwards Date: Aug 7, 2009 4:20pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: Cinnamon Bear

Oops I remember uploading the singles page for Cinnamon Bear,
Its surprising that this is still copyrighted. Seems like I also remember some sort of minor disagreement between First generation archives and otrr. I will check it out.

Mike D.

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